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Consume represents creation. It the consumption of an idea, the path to invention. A homage to artists.


As the artist works with his/her material a romance develops. He/she explores the body of the material, testing its limits and mutability, discovering and accepting its natural curves, weak points and strength. This tender and private relationship is where ideas are absorbed and reborn.


Consume exposes the intimacy of creation, showing us that the original idea and the marble are merely components in a much deeper marriage of material and man. While the material is solid in actuality artwork is fragile, vulnerable, and truly an extension of the artist.


Consume forces us to accept that we are not in control, it shows us that we can not preempt outcomes, that our thoughts and action collide, fusing independently into unexpected realities. This fusion is essential for the advancement of our consciousness, and critical for the creation of art.

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