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Shikaku is a Japanese word that has many meanings depending on the kanji (Chinese character) choice. By definition is anything with four solid sides (四角), it refers to our sense of sight (視覚) and translates to blind spot (死角). These works rely on the shikaku’s boundary and its plasticity.


Within the confines of the marble our grasp of time and space is loosened. Not blocked in or boxed, merely harnessed, hugged and protected by its edges. The marbles strength and geometry combined with the black element work together in unison to produce a balanced tension that forces an opening, creating a new territory; a still, metaphorical deep space. Once engaged the observer is challenged in to meditation, forced to consider their own perceptions, and reflection.


Shikaku no. 1 & no. 2 are windows; at first glance closed and limited, on contemplation limitless.

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