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Ko Yamazaki born Kyoto, 1969. Lives and works in Kyoto, Japan and Pietrasanta, Italy



2022 Exhibition grant from Kobe bussan for “Onform” sculpture UK

2019 Exhibition grant from Fondation Bettencourt, Institute Francais de Bretagne, for trio project « Ecouter »

2016 invited ARKAD Foundation+ Italy Japan Foundation 1 year of self-research work for sculpture project.    Pietrrasanta, Italy

1991 Bronze casting and wood carving. Art Works Foundry. Berkeley, CA. USA

1990 School of visual arts. Paris, France

1989 Sorbonne University. French. Paris, France



2022 Group exhibition, « Onform » Asthall Manor, Oxford, UK

2021 Solo Exhibition, « Jule »  Ichiya Gallry, Kyoto, Japan

2020 Trio project, “Ecouter la nature” stone version. Brest, France 

2019 Trio project, “Ecouter la nature” The Terminal Kyoto, Japan supported by Foundation Bettencourt, Institut Francais Kansai and Bretagne.

2018 "CAVA" ARKAD Foundation, Seravezzia, Italy

2014-15,17,19,  Sculpture by the sea. Bondi beach, Australia

2016  "Origine"  Like a Gallery, Lyon, France 

2015  23 Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

2014 Group exhibition, Garden crystal hazard. Mori Yu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan 

2013 Ghoethe Institut, Villa Kamogawa, Nuit Blanche de Kyoto, Japan, Kyoto

2006 Group exhibition. 7th International Stone Festival. Mure, Kagawa, Japan

2003 Group exhibition. 6th International Stone Festival. Aji, Kagawa, Japan
(curated by Inui Yoshiaki, President of Kanazawa Art College, Kanazawa, Japan. [catalogue]) 

2001 Group exhibition. Adachi-ku Outdoor Exhibition. Adachi-ku, Japan

2000-06 Group exhibition. Open Air Sculpture. Kyoto Botanical Garden Association.
Kyoto, Japan

1999 Group exhibition. Nishinomiya Exhibition. Nishinomiya, Japan 

1998 Solo exhibition. Kaseido Gallery. Kyoto, Japan

1998 Group exhibition. Adachi Award Open Air Sculpture Concours. Tokyo, Japan [catalogue]

1998 Solo exhibition. Gallery Gallery. Kyoto, Japan

1997 Group exhibition. 4th International Stone Festival. Mure, Kagawa, Japan [catalogue]

1996 Group exhibition. Spazio e Materia, Bardonecchia, Italy [catalogue] 

1995 Group exhibition. La Badia Sculpture Exhibition. Camaiore, Italy

1994 Group exhibition. Versilia Open Air Exhibition. Marina di Pietrasanta, Italy

1993 FORME NEL VERDE Collectiva Giaponese. Saint Quirico D'orchia, Italy
(curated by San Quirico d'Orcia committee and Japan Institute in Rome. [catalogue])

1992 Solo exhibition. East-Bay Open Studio. Emeryville, CA. USA

1992 Group exhibition. Kodo Exhibition. Kyoto Municipal Museum. Kyoto, Japan [catalogue]

1991 Group exhibition. The 6th Emeryville Art Exhibition. Eastbay Art Society. Emeryville, CA. USA [catalogue]

1991 Group exhibition. Kodo Exhibition. Tokyo Municipal Museum. Tokyo. Japan [catalogue]



2003 6th International Stone Festival.
Awarded the prize for Most Promising Artist. Aji, Kagawa, Japan 

2001 Adachi-ku Outdoor Exhibition.
Prize winning piece. Tokyo, Japan 

1999 Adachi-ku Outdoor Exhibition.
Prize winning piece. Tokyo, Japan 

1999 Nishinomiya Exhibition.
Awarded the Shoreisho prize.

1997 4th International Stone Festival.
Awarded the prize for Most Promising Artist. Mure, Kagawa, Japan
(Juror: Honma Masayoshi, the President of Japan Art Critique Association, 4th International Stone Festival, Mure, Kagawa. Japan.)



2007 120th Anniversary Kyougoku Kindergarten. Kyoto, Japan 

2006 Monument Project with Hareza (NPO). Kyoto, Japan



Mure, Public Government Office, Kagawa, Japan.

Aji Public Government Office, Kagawa, Japan.

Mure Stone Museum, Kagawa, Japan.

Private collector, Paris, France.

Private collector, San Francisco, USA.

Private collector, Florence, Italy.

Private collector, Kyoto, Japan.

Private collector, Tokyo, Japan.

Private collector, Australia and New Zealand


Related positions:

1997 Assistant to Margo Sawyer. Elysian Fields, Sagacho Exhibition Space.Tokyo, Japan

1994-96 Assistant to Sauro Lorenzoni. Studio Enroux. Quercetta,Italy

1993-96 Assistant to John Grear. Quercetta, Italy

1993-96 Member, Studio Pescarella (previously Renato's). Quercetta, Italy

1993 Assistant to Akiko Satoh. Japan Festival. Helmhaus Contemporary Art Museum. Zurich, Switzerland

1991 Assistant to Kazuko Shibuya. Kyoto, Japan



2010 Spider web. Rissei Elementary School Gallery. Kyoto, Japan

2002-06 Natural Elements Sculpture Workshop. Kyoto Botanical Garden. Kyoto, Japan

2002 Children's Paper Clay Workshop. Motomachi Elementary School. Kyoto, Japan 

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