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I think of my sculpture as unfinished inventories; fragments of my mind. I approach each work with indecisiveness, improvising along the way. The work represents portions of my internal self. Reflecting and adopting parts of my personality the marble develops its own unique character. Some works have a theoretical basis but often the work is more personal.

I don’t set out to produce art about one subject, the piece gradually reveals itself. Sketching informs the artwork and allows me to envision it further in my imagination, it is never a clear image, essentially the work is born when I begin to work with the marble. Marble has a unique sensibility, often it isn’t until I begin to carve that I realise its full potential. Once an idea becomes three-dimensional it takes on its own life. Creating a piece is done without any formally generated design, this allows flexibility, and gives the marble a fluidity in my mind. My sculptures are created through an organic osmosis and not spatially designed for a specific purpose.

Generally I use black or white marble, this allows the textures to surface, and creates boldness that comes only from monochromatic colour. Marble can easily exhibit various textures that work together on one surface, dramatic contrasts create a sense of movement in an otherwise static object. Carving stone and feeling its contours is a true extension of the mind’s eye. Each sculpture is an evolution of emotion and ideas; the exploration and process is cathartic.

Dreams are the foundation for the relationship I develop with the chosen piece of marble. When I create a work, my hands guide me, I have to trust touch. After the major carving is complete the solitary and repetitive nature of sanding and polishing frees my imagination, providing many opportunities for grace and accidental incidents to influence the finished product. I find the palm picks up more than the eye, so I urge people to touch my work and engage with each piece.

Traveling and working in Europe and the U.S.A I explored a myriad of techniques and worked alongside many inspiring artists, this journey has allowed me to expand my practice and explore my relationship with Western and Eastern Art. I have been influenced by numerous artist’s but also heavily by the unintended ‘artworks’ in our everyday, those moments when an object, by chance, serendipitously fits into a place, forming a landscape unto itself.

While some of my works are intentional they all develop and evolve over time. I find it hard to explain my work – I wanted the work be how it is, that is all - hopefully the marble speaks for itself and whatever it says to the audience - I feel it is enough, I am content. There isn’t a right or wrong message. If each person takes something from the work I’m happy with that.

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